Just took a look at the latest ISKRA and found your "dystopian" poem to be quite moving and very apropos in this moment! I'm sure that you had no hint of the floods when you wrote it, but they provide a pretty effective frame for the sentiments you express. This should be a thought-provoker for all readers.

Jim Popoff

ďThe Last Waltz (of the world)Ē is Powerful, emotive, and demanding attention. I like that you include a glimmer of hope in the ending. Yes, we are all praying for the children... for the kind of world they are born into and must inherit.

Barry Verigin

“Just done listening to Allan’s CD [Places: Songs of Toil and Peaceful Life]. It is a wonderful CD. I will be listening to it many times to learn all the songs. Don’t have a favorite song yet.”

Patty in Michigan

ďPat recently shared Allanís CD [A Six-Pack for Love] with me and I was blown away. Wow. Itís great. Allan rocks.Ē

Donna, California

Our drive back to Vancouver seemed short as we listened to the CDís of Allanís music. They are great & so soulful. Since the songs reminded us of Willie we thought you would enjoy this Texas Willie inspired tee shirt.

Paul and Merrill,
Bryan, Texas.

Of course I visited your website, Allan …was amazed by how talented, prolific, and versatile you are. Wow! I am grateful that you included the lyrics - I find it difficult to hear each word when native speakers sing. No doubt I will be visiting and revisiting your site to appreciate your songs.

Valdimir Donskoy,
Irkutsk, Russia

Places: Songs of Toil and Peaceful Life

Hi: In the Summer I purchased your Excellent DC: "Places: Songs of Toil & Peaceful Life". I truly loved it. Played it continuously all the way back to Greater Vancouver. My favourite is "Places" but loved all of them. I have Doukhobor background on my mother's side. Great Grandparents came to Canada in 1899 and eventually settled in the Shore Acres Area. I am familiar with all the stories you sing about about. So deep and gripping. It profoundly affected me. I was raised in a little community outside of Trail and have 2 surviving sisters out of 7 sibblings. I want them to have this CD.

I want to order 2 more CD of the Doukhobor Album. How can I arrange to obtain and pay for this? ...Cheque, money order or Visa, M/C?

Samuel Fame

Places: Songs of Toil and Peaceful Life

My wife Kristina Kristova and I enjoyed the album very much. The selections are fresh, the lyrics are written in a way that praise the Russian / Canadian pioneers for their commitment to peace, honest labour and adaptability, and the accompaniment music is colourfully unique. Great rhythm!

Koozma Tarasoff

“Songs of Toil and Peaceful Life" is by far your best work to date. Your beautiful, rich voice connects me to the unspeakable challenges faced by the Doukhobor communities when they arrived in Canada. You have always been motivated to express your passion for your history and culture. I admire and respect your continuous search for meaning. You have a gift for storytelling though music. You have indeed “unlocked the secrets of your heart.” Thank you so much for sharing your abiding love of your people with the rest of us.”

Dorothy Tinning
(Artist and former mayor,
Penticton, BC)

Places: Songs of Toil and Peaceful Life

I finally did get a chance to listen to it... ...and what a treat it was to hear it in itís entirety. You are such a talented story teller, Allan, with each song painting such a vivid picture. I was so moved by the words and music, what the Doukhobors went through, how they struggled and perseveredÖitís truly a piece of history that needs to be heard! I was thrilled when Ron asked me to join with Naida to sing background vocals and, as always, he did a stellar job with each song. Thank you! Your voice was an absolute perfect fit to each song and along with his incredible instrumentation, the end product was fantastic. It was a privilege and honour to be part of your project and I hope that your CD will be embraced and enjoyed world wide!

Kindest Regards,
Maureen Haworth

Places: Songs of Toil and Peaceful Life

As a fan, I have heard many of Allan Markin's songs and seen excellent performances. His new CD, Places: Songs of Toil and Peaceful Life , is his best work yet and highly recommended. He is in fine voice and treats varied themes of current and timeless interest with strength and sensitivity. For quality production values, topical variety and sheer enjoyment, you will be glad you bought and heard this album. Glad to hear that another one is planned.

Josephine Patterson

Places: Songs of Toil and Peaceful Life

'Got the CD... ...have now listened to all of it - gave me a strange feeling of sadness and wistfulness about the moving panorama of our people's existence over the past 120 years or so, which you've covered well in your lyrics... and at the same time a kind of pride that a PhD academic could return to his roots in this touching way, with more than a modicum of musical talent, and come out so strongly in artistic manifestation of his heritage. A commendable endeavour by all concerned!

Jim Popoff

Hey Allan.... Bless you for your absolute and unshakable belief in your music and your ability to accomplish all that you have done in crossing musical boundaries and showing us ALL that the only limits, are the ones that we place upon ourselves!!!! Allan, you are TRULY an inspiration....and I'm proud to call you a friend and a mentor who leads by example NOT by talk!! Like they used to say back in the day....'YOU GOTTA KEEP ON, KEEPIN' ON' because Allan we need you and your creative light to keep showing us the way!! Keep on rockin!!!!

Your Amigo,

Stu Mitchell

What a treat working with the gentleman. Such a great soul, great humor, and great human being. Awesome fun guy. Thanx Allan Markin, enjoyed this thoroughly. ‘Sensible Shoes’ my friend.

Norm Lepine
Enormouse Productions Sound and Lighting

Places: Songs of Toil and Peaceful Life

The words to the songs are good however it still is the arrangements of the music... ....that makes it great and wanting to listen to it again. A great job again!

Peter Relkoff

Places: Songs of Toil and Peaceful Life

I wore out the CD!! I really do love Allan's voice and his songs have such meaning. Pulls at my heart strings. When I listen to every song I can picture it vividly in my mind... ...You really captured and produced this whole history of the Doukhobors. I don't know what else to say except that I just love it! All the instruments sound so perfect. Great job!

Naida Cochran