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I am a reinvented academic who writes and sings in a style I fondly call 'post academic blues'. which can be described as blues with a country/folk flavor, with some rock and roll thrown in. So I call myself 'Dr Eclectic' in order to capture my diverse musical interests. Although I do not deliberately set out to express specific themes in my songs, I do lean towards exploring theme related to folks who are living on the margins of our society for social and economic reasons.

As an 'old guy having fun' I do have a particular interest is trying to figure out what the expression 'golden years' really means. My experience tells me that it's a misnomer for what really happens to most old people.

Some of my songs have humorous touches that come from the expression "he who laughs, lasts".

I love performing live, both as a solo artist and with a band. Back in the 1950's and 1960's I spent many years playing rock and roll with a band called The Invaders. Boy, those sure were the days. Now, after some forty years, I'm back at it! Retirement...what's that?

Here at my new home in cyberspace, you'll find old and new news, a showcase of my songwriting, some interesting photos and a way to shout at me with the contact tab to the left.

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